Hello once again!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here (silly life getting in the way of 40k!) but I’m back with just a quick post on this fantastic new app that’s recently been released called MathHammer!

If your anything like me, when it comes to building a competitive list, you can’t help but look into how the stats of your models match up against whats out there! Up until now, I use to use https://www.mathhammer8thed.com/ significantly! It was great on the computer but mobile devices sometimes were a little clunky in using it. However, the mastermind behind the MathHammer site has created a mobile app!

Its a great little tool to have at your disposal being able to quickly stat check how anything in the meta holds up against anything else, with a simple clean GUI making it easy to use. Simply input your attack and defender stats and it will give you a statistical breakdown of what will happen and how many models on average you SHOULD* kill!

The app is available on both android and apple devices so everyone can use it!

(*The dice gods are fickle and relying on your dice to roll statistically average is a quick path to madness & frustration)

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